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About Alice

Alice head and shouldersI have been a massage therapist since 2006 and qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2017. The human body and the reasons why we can end up in pain fascinate me. Trauma, illness, postural patterns and repetitive strain can all result in acute and chronic pain.  

As a massage therapist I often felt that a piece of my 'therapy jigsaw' was missing. Using massage therapy to get people out of pain has been very effective for me but keeping people out of pain can be more difficult if you are unable to address the causes. This is why I decided to train as a Pilates instructor. Pilates is a collection of exercises designed to retrain the body to use the correct muscles at the correct time; thereby correcting alignment and restoring balance. I love Pilates because it provides the scaffolding that supports your body through every day activities. 

The current Coronavirus pandemic had forced many therapists to be more inventive in how they treat their clients. During lockdown I moved all of my Pilates classes online and started to treat clients remotely using Zoom. Although unable to be 'hands on' treating virtually has been really successful and is something I will always offer now. Virtual treatments are a mixture of movement, stretching, strengthening exercises and self care massage; culminating in teaching you a self care treatment plan. This immediately hands control of the healing process to you. There are no geographical boundaries or parking issues! Remote treatments are also appropriate for people who are clinically vulnerable or having to self isolate.

Now more than ever we have learnt the importance of looking after ourselves to stay fit and healthy. By being flexible and inventive with my treatments I hope I can help you to achieve this.